Non-genuine without this seal.

Who is the Bear Hermit?

逸民 or Xióng Yìmín  is my alter ego.  He's older, wiser, more patient, more pensive, humbler, kinder, gentler and more charitable than I think I could be.  He's what I want to become;  What I should be.  He's an anachronist who lives in the present moment and enjoys the simpler things.

The name itself is not an unusual one in Guānhuà.  Xióng means bear which is an apt translation of my family name.  Yìmín means hermit or recluse, which is my preferred state.  

So, in an effort to refine my creative undertakings and provide them to you, I channel this idealized version of myself.  

Here is my identity in red clay, the studio seal that certifies the maker of these works.